The Poster Session

If you have submitted an abstract or a full paper, which was accepted as a poster, please, follow the instructions below.

To participate in the poster session, please:

1) Prepare and upload your poster in PDF format to the Oxford Abstract Platform.

2) You are free to use any design for your poster as long as it is in ONE page, maximum size: 10 MB. See an example here

3) Make sure that the poster can be easily viewed and understood on a typical computer screen in a couple of minutes. Please, include the author(s)’s name, affiliation, your research questions and results on your poster. Please save the file with a file name starting with the authors’ last names.

4) Upload the poster in PDF format. Please, log in to your Oxford Abstracts account (at and follow the steps similar to the abstract submission process.

5) The posters will be presented in the Oxford Abstract platform. Posters will be displayed in the conference proceedings.

6) During ISDRS2021, conference attendees will be able to “visit” any of the posters at any time using the virtual conference platform, and will be able to interact with poster authors in dedicated Zoom seminars during the conference (see the program in Oxford Abstract for more details).

7) There is a possibility to present the poster with a movie link to YouTube or Vimeo in Oxford Abstract. If you would like to present your poster with a video please produce the video, upload it on YouTube or Vimeo and publish the link to the movie in Oxford Abstract in the PDF poster file to be uploaded.

The posters are available in the Oxford Abstract platform during the whole conference, and the conference program will include Zoom rooms for online discussion of posters with poster authors.

The deadline for uploading posters is the 25th of June, 2021.