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2021-11-04: Proceedings from the ISDRS conference 2021 are now published

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings from the ISDRS conference in Östersund this summer have been published. The proceedings contain all accepted abstracts, full papers and posters from the 3-day conference in July.

The publication date has been put forward several times due to the difficulties with the document management system, but also because of the sheer volume of submissions. Over 800 researchers from all over the world have submitted nearly 500 abstracts, full papers and posters.

Editors for the proceedings are professors Volker Mauerhofer and Catrin Johansson, who were also Conference Chairs.

Please do not attempt to print the whole of this document, since it contains over 2000 pages.

Link to the Proceedings in DIVA

2021-09-29: Proceedings – delayed. We are currently experiencing technical problems with our platform, hence the delay in publishing the conference proceedings. We are working as quickly as we can to resolve these issues. We are sorry about the delay and will keep you up to date with the process. Thank you for your patience!

2021-08-24: We are now working to finalize the proceedings from the conference. We will give you more information when it’s finished. 

2021-08-24: Thank you for participating in ISDRS 2021. Here you can watch the common part of the conference with plenaries and keynote speakers afterwards.

2021-07-12: Sustainable Cities and Communities – one of ten themes when 450 researchers take on the challenges of the world – read our latest press release for the conference; PressRelease210712

2021-07-12: Now we are close to the conference and we are really looking forward to see you all on the webinar and zoom links tomorrow. Here are the link to the virtual Conference Program in Oxford Abstracts: You need to login to see the program. 

2021-07-13: Conference program on Youtube. If you have troubles to log in to the Virtual Conference in Zoom Webinar you can also see the conference common sessions on Youtube. Here are the links to the Youtube streaming. 

2021-07-12: Book of Abstract. Now you can see all abstracts sent to the conference in a common PDF document. We call it Book of Abstracts. We will complement with the complete proceedings after the conference. 

2021-07-06: Conference proceedings for ISDRS2021, We have decided to extend the deadline for reviews and revisions of full papers submitted for inclusion in the conference proceedings. We acknowledge that all reviews have not yet been performed, thus the previous time schedule was too tight, and our ambition to publish the conference proceedings before the conference was too optimistic. The extension of the deadline is to ensure that all submitters get sufficient time for revisions and an equal and fair treatment. The new deadline for reviews of full papers is 23rd July. The new deadline for uploading a revised full paper in the OA system for inclusion in the conference proceedings is 20th August. With this extension we also hope that all submitters of full papers can benefit from the feedback on their presentations during the conference.

Please note that submitted abstracts and full papers will be accessible for participants during the conference, and that the revised full papers will be published in the conference proceedings in late August/beginning of September.

2021-07-02: The program of the conference is complete and published on the Oxford Abstracts Platform. Here you can view the detailed conference program. Some small adjustments may still appear. In order to view the program, you must log in to Oxford Abstracts when you click the link. The program have many parallel sessions, please scroll right to see all sessions. 

2021-07-02: Program of the conference! We are working hard to finish the detailed program with all parallel sessions for the conference. We will publish links to the Oxford Abstracts program platform for all participants and also a light version of the program here on the website the coming days. We are a bit delayed and apologize for this. 

2021-07-02: Program for PhD workshop 12th of July is finished. We will send zoom links for this workshop day to all participants by email. See the program here. 

2021-06-30: Registration for three day ticket opens again due to public request. The registration for three day tickets is open until 12th of July 2021. Register via the Oxford Abstract platform.

2021-06-21: A preliminary schedule of the conference program will be published on the website in the end of June. The detailed programme showing the timing of individual presentations will be available on the virtual platform of the Conference a few days before the event.

2021-06-16: Preparation for speakers. We are very happy to have you with us at the upcoming ISDRS2021. Here are some guidelines to prepare the speeches; 

2021-06-01: Three day ticket and Full paper submission is closed. If you want to participate in the conference you can register Visitor / One day ticket, fee €70. Register here!

2021-05-25: Deadline reminder: Monday the 31st of May is last chance for uploading full paper presentations. Note that the format must be Pdf. Please, log in to your Oxford Abstracts account (at

2021-05-25: We would like to remind you complete the registration AND the fee transfer no later than the 31st of May 2021 

2021-05-06: One day ticket! Welcome to join the conference for one day! As a result of the online format, we are able to offer you a one day ticket visitor if you are interested to join for only one day. Visitors may participate in the live discussions and benefit from the platform of the virtual conference, but cannot present a paper or a poster at the conference. Read more and register

2021-04-27: Time to register! Message to submitters of papers/speakers or presenters: When you register to the conference it is important that you use the same e-mail address in the register form, as in the submission form. We need to connect your e-mail address from the submission form to the participants list. Register on the website! 

2021-04-20: Welcome to join our online conference. Early Bird is available until 30th of April 2021. Register on the website! 

2021-04-09: Poster submissions is open. Read more here!

2021-04-09: Submission of full papers is open. Read more here!

2021-03-30: Registration is open: please, log in to your Oxford Abstract account or create one and follow the steps to register. The early bird deadline is the 30th of April, 2021.

2021-03-30: We have received 420+ abstracts – thank you! The review process is planned to be finalized by the end of March. Information regarding the submission of full papers/revised abstracts is updated on the website. Once an abstract is accepted by the review, the option to submit a full paper is available until: 31st May 2021.

2021-03-18: News regarding submissions: Dear submitter, Thank you again for your submission to ISDRS2021 co-hosted by Mid Sweden University. In case you have not received any notification regarding your abstract we can inform that final reviews are in progress. Note that some abstracts may still be relocated to tracks other than the one they were submitted to. Thank you for your patience, we hope to see you at the ISDRS 2021 (virtual) conference in July.

2021-03-04: Press release about the conference. Mid Sweden University have sent a press release presenting some of the keynote speakers of the conference. Read the press release here!

2021-02-16: Call for Abstract is closed. Thank you for all submissions! The track chairs will start the review process during the coming weeks.

2021-02-09: The Swedish forest industry company SCA, Svenska Cellulosa AB will be a partner company of the conference. Thanks for your support SCA. Read more about SCA here!

2021-02-01: Call for Abstract. Extended deadline! Last day for submission February 15, 2021

2021-01-08: Registration (Early Bird) is open. Please register on the website. Deadline for Early Bird is April 30, 2021.

2020-12-18 ISDRS conference news on the ISDRS website.

2020-12-18: Call for Abstract. Please send in your submission. Deadline January 31, 2021