For Presenters

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Preparation for speakers

We are very happy to have you with us at the upcoming ISDRS2021.

Preparation for the PhD Workshop on Monday July 12

For the PhD workshop, please prepare a Powerpoint (or similar) presentation on the topic that was accepted for the workshop. You have 15 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes are reserved for discussion with two peers and other participants. In order to leave sufficient time for feedback and discussion, it is important that you rehearse your presentation in advance, to make sure you do not exceed 15 minutes of presentation.

Preparation for an Oral presentation

If your submission is accepted as an oral presentation at the conference ISDRS 2021, please prepare a Powerpoint (or similar) presentation on the topic accepted for the conference.

You will have 15 minutes for your presentation and 7,5 minutes are reserved for Questions and Answers. Your total time will be 22 minutes for presentation and Q&A

Technical tips: see attached Power Point file.TipsForPresenters 

You will receive time indications during the session; how much time is used. We will keep the time schedule tight in order to be fair to all presenters and provide the opportunity for participants to switch between parallel sessions and presentations.

Preparation for a Poster presentation

If you are accepted for a Poster presentation at ISDRS 2021 please prepare a pdf with your poster and upload it in your submission form at Oxford Abstract. A proposal for a template is found at

Here is the link to the Oxford Abstract platform:

If you would like a movie presentation of your poster, please prepare one and publish it on Youtube or Vimeo and share the link to the movie on the PDF document of the poster, or in the chat of zoom during the poster session meeting.

Instruction and template which you could adapt can be found here 

Your poster will be placed in the poster session in the program during the whole conference and we kindly ask you to be present to discuss your research in dedicated timeslot. We will update the schedule for you. 

Please mind that the deadline for poster submission is June 25th 2021 and the option to submit also a video link.

Conference proceedings for ISDRS 2021

We have decided to extend the deadline for reviews and revisions of full papers submitted for inclusion in the conference proceedings. We acknowledge that all reviews have not yet been performed, thus the previous time schedule was too tight, and our ambition to publish the conference proceedings before the conference was too optimistic. The extension of the deadline is to ensure that all submitters get sufficient time for revisions and an equal and fair treatment.

The new deadline for reviews of full papers is 23rd July.

The new deadline for uploading a revised full paper in the OA system for inclusion in the conference proceedings is 20th August.

With this extension we also hope that all submitters of full papers can benefit from the feedback on their presentations during the conference.

Please note that submitted abstracts and full papers will be accessible for participants during the conference, and that the revised full papers will be published in the conference proceedings in late August/beginning of September.

Submission of abstracts and full papers

Authors, whose abstracts have been accepted for an oral presentation or poster presentation may:

  • Prepare and submit a Full Paper, finalized and closed May 31 2021. 
  • Revise and finalise their Abstracts, finalized and closedn May 31 2021. 
  • Take the review comments into consideration when preparing the presentation, abstract and full paper

Full Papers should be between 3 500 and 8 000 words and should be prepared according to this template (papers not using the template will not be accepted). 

The submission of full papers is closed May 31 2021.

The submission of Posters is open until June 25 2021.

Earlier information:

Please, log in to your Oxford Abstracts account (at and follow the steps similar to the abstract submission process. If you choose to only edit and finalise your abstract based on reviewers’ comments, you are welcome to do so (also at, however please do not substantially revise your abstract already accepted.

Full paper inclusion is subject to additional reviews. If successful it will be included in the Electronic Conference Proceedings with an ISBN number. If the full paper is not accepted, the abstract will be included into these proceedings.

The 2021 ISDRS Annual Conference at Mid Sweden University will be in English, thus all contributions must be prepared in English.