Call for Papers

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Submission of full papers and abstracts

Authors, whose abstracts have been accepted for an oral presentation may:

  • Prepare and submit a Full Paper
  • Revise and finalise their Abstracts
  • Use the review comments into consideration in the presentation and leave the Abstract as it is

Full Papers should be between 3 500 and 8 000 words and should be prepared according to this template (papers not using the template will not be accepted). 

The submission of full papers is open. Please, log in to your Oxford Abstracts account (at and follow the steps similar to the abstract submission process. If you choose to only edit and finalise your abstract based on reviewers’ comments, you are welcome to do so (also at, however please do not substantially revise your abstract already accepted.

Full papers need to uploaded as PDF with a maximum size of 10 MB. Once an Abstract is accepted by the review, the option to submit a full paper is available until: 31st of May 2021. Since the review process takes a considerable amount of time, a further extension of this deadline is not planned.

Full paper inclusion is subject to additional reviews. If successful it will be included in the Electronic Conference Proceedings with an ISBN number. If the full paper is not accepted, the abstract will be included into these proceedings.

The 2021 ISDRS Annual Conference at Mid Sweden University will be in English, thus all contributions must be prepared in English.